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Manufacturing of Large Wind Power Tower

Pengfei Group is one of China's largest building materials and machinery manufacturing bases. It is also designated as a national cement machinery equipment export base. It specializes in the production, sales, installation, commissioning, and related services of rotary kiln and other machinery for mining, metallurgy, and chemical engineering.

Pengfei provides one-stop services for dry process rotary kiln cement plant with daily output no more than 10,000 tons, including process design, complete sets of equipment, construction, installation and commissioning, and achieving production targets. We have successively purchased 9 gear hobbing machines with the maximum machining diameter of 12m, 10m, 8m, 6.3m or 5m. We have also bought 15 vertical lathes and 12 floor-type lathes. Other large mechanical processing equipment includes Φ4×10m gantry milling machine, Φ6.5m annealing furnace, and so on. Equipment processing capacity is 300,000 tons per year, meeting the manufacturing requirements of rotating members with the diameter not exceeding 6 meters.

The large-scale workshop covering an area of more than 80,000 square meters is put into use. In addition to producing complete sets of equipment for cement, metallurgy, and chemical engineering, Pengfei Group accelerates industrial upgrading and adjustment. It undertakes the manufacturing of large wind turbine towers and super-large rotating members. Main products include wind power generation equipment, tower, blade, base, etc. Welcome to join us for joint development.

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