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In the aspect of energy conservation and emission reduction, our company has taken the following measures.

1. Set up an energy saving environmental protection department and dispatch special personnel for special project. We promise
a. to ensure effective operation of the environmental management system and to implement good economic and environmental behavior in accordance with national and local laws and regulations;
b. to implement the verification system of environmental priorities and to prevent pollution in the production and construction process;
c. to adhere to the Scientific Outlook on Development and to realize virtuous cyclic development of environmental performance and rapid economic growth;
d. to improve employees' environmental awareness and to implement strict code of conduct; to strengthen interactive environment supervision and monitoring.

2. Specific energy saving measures in the production process include
a. Strictly control the purchase of raw materials; reduce usage, improve utilization, and control waste emissions;
b. Improve product innovation system and product design accuracy; reduce machining allowance, ensure production rate, and develop low carbon economy;
c. Improve product cycle development system; rationally use the wastes in the production process for reproduction, recycling, and reuse;
d. Increase investment in environmental protection facilities; technological progress is the most important measure to achieve energy saving and emission reduction.

3. Build a garden-style factory
Make the office buildings, workshops, living quarters, and restaurants surrounded by wide lawns, lush trees, and bright flowers.

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