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Cement Packaging Machine

The cement packaging machine is divided into two types, fixed type and rotary type. The former has 1 to 4 discharge ports and the filling of cement is completed by manually inserting and moving packaging bags. The latter has 6 to 14 discharge ports and the bag inserting and cement filling are completed by the rotation of the packaging equipment.

Structure and Function
1. Body
Welded by structural steel, high strength, large rigidity, compact and lightweight

2. Feed Mechanism
The 2.2KW planetary cycloidal reducer drives the small sprocket to rotate. Then, the chain and large sprocket are driven to rotate. Finally, the feed mechanism is driven to rotate to complete feeding. This feed mechanism can rotate forwards or reversely.

3. Cement Discharge Mechanism
The 4KW electric motor drives the impeller to rotate. The rotating impeller discharges the cement which is then loaded into the packaging bag through the cement discharge pipe.

4. Control Mechanism
Put the cement packaging bag in place and pull down the handle, i.e., to open the gate valve, to start filling. When the specified weight of cement is filled into the bag, the weighing mechanism will send a signal to the control mechanism. The gate valve is closed and filling is stopped. Meanwhile, the packaging bag automatically falls down.

5. Microcomputer Weighing Mechanism
Our cement packaging machine adopts microcomputer weighing which is characterized by east adjustment and even package weight.

6. Bagging Mechanism
Our cement packaging machine is equipped with a unique and novel automatic bag releasing mechanism. When the cement amount in the packaging bag reaches the specified value, the gate valve is closed. In the meantime, the automatic bag releasing mechanism starts working. It makes the cement bag fall down and tilt outwards.

Technical Parameters
No. Item Unit Model
1 Number of discharge port 8 14
2 Bagging capacity t/h 80-100 100-160
3 Weighing accuracy Single bag weight kg 50+0.6,56-0.2
Pass rate % ≥95
Weight of 20 bags kg ≥1000+0.4
4 Outer diameter of the rotating cylinder mm 1750 3062
5 Maximum outer diameter of rotation mm 2600 3800
6 Discharge port height from the ground mm 1350
7 Rotating cylinder speed r/min 0~5 0~3
8 Direction of rotation (look from the above) Clockwise
9 Power voltage V ~380±10℅
10 Motor of discharge mechanism Model Y112M-4
Power (KW) 4X8=32 4x14=56
Rotating speed (r/min) 1440
11 Frequency control motor Model YVPE90L-4
Power (KW) 3
Rotating speed (r/min) 125~1250
12 Total weight t 7 12

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